Wydarzenia na sesji ilustruje muzyka rozsyłana zawczasu graczom przez MG. Wszyscy gracze włączają wskazany utwór w odpowiedniej chwili rozgrywki

Transmisja 1/1

(01) Blade Techno Theme
(02) No Good Bad For You (The Prodigy)
(03) Wider (Infected Mushroom)
(04) The Chase [The Rock OST]
(05) Starkweather [The Island OST]
(06) What’s Happening Out There [Leon The Professional OST]
(07) Graphic Novel [Max Payne OST]
(09) Tank [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(11) Ancient Arrow Chamber 2 (Wingmakers)
(Outro) Cities Of The Future (Infected Mushroom)

Transmisja 2/10

(01) Red Dawn [Red Faction OST]
(02) Two Ton Heavy Thing [Red Faction OST]
(03) Spokey Donkey [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(05) Intro [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(10) Chrome (www.freeplaymusic.com)
(12) Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
(Outro) Give Peace A Chance (John Lennon)

Transmisja 3/11

(02) Jungle Exploration [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(03) Romulus 3 [Need For Speed 3 OST]
(04) Rush [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(06) Flesh Of Fallen Angels [Max Payne OST]
(07) Kneel Before Your God [Swordfish OST]
(08) Generique (Vangelis)
(09) Accused [Red Faction OST]
(Outro) Sober (Tool)

Transmisja 4/100

(02) Bad Dog, No Biscuit [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(03) Cat Blues [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(04) Relayer [Red Faction OST]
(05) Last Heroics (DJ Crash T, www.freeplaymusic.com)
(06) Just Forget About It [Max Payne OST]
(08) Waiting For Action [Hitman: Silent Assassin OST]
(09) Main Title [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(10) To The Roof [The Bourne Supremacy OST]
(11) Paralyze (www.freeplaymusic.com)
(Outro) Kill Rock’n’Roll (System Of A Down)

Transmisja 5/101

(01) Magnetic (Juno Reactor)
(02) Razorback (Juno Reactor)
(03) Ice Cube (Juno Reactor)
(04) Main Titles [The Bourne Identity OST]
(05) Bourne Gets Well [The Bourne Identity OST]
(06) Spectre [Red Faction OST]
(08) Georgia Street [Syphon Filter OST]
(09) Danger 1 [Syphon Filter OST]
(10) Felt Tip Pen [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(11) Psychosirrus (www.freeplaymusic.com)
(Outro) Sugarless (Caviar)

Transmisja 6/110

(01) Hong Kong Themes [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(02) Treadstone Assassins [The Bourne Identity OST]
(03) Killer Suits [Max Payne OST]
(04) Cosmos [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(05) Spirits 01 [Red Faction OST]
(06) Piano Black [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(08) Destroyed Subway [Syphon Filter OST]
(09) Danger 2 [Syphon Filter OST]
(10) Track 01 [MDK2 OST]
(Outro) The Unforgiven (Apocalyptica)

Transmisja 7/111

(01) Galvanize (Chemical Brothers)
(02) The Aftermath [Total Recall OST]
(03) Embassy – Standard [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(04) Waltz For Zizi [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(05) Track 02 [MDK2 OST]
(06) Where Do Those Tubes Go [The Island OST]
(07) At The Bank [The Bourne Identity OST]
(08) Dark Jungle [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(09) Razorback (Juno Reactor)
(11) Synergy [Red Faction OST]
(13) The Air (Tomasz „Magnes” Kucza)
(Outro) Never Gonna Come Back Down (BT feat. M. Doughty)

Transmisja 8/1000

(01) The Word (PMT Remix) [Swordfish OST]
(03) Embassy – Suspicion [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST
(05) Track 03 [MDK2 OST]
(06) Track 04 [MDK2 OST]
(07) Agnate Ukulele [The Island OST]
(09) Hotel Themes [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(11) Tensionitis [Red Faction OST]
(12) Pot City [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(15) Digging My Potato [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(Outro) Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out) (Remix) (Citizen King)

Transmisja 9/1001

(01) Washington Park [Syphon Filter OST]
(02) Trains (fragment) [The Peacemaker OST]
(03) Apache Lightning Song (American Indian Ceremonial And War Dances)
(05) Cryogenics – Standard (Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(10) Theme [Max Payne OST]
(11) Track 07 [MDK2 OST]
(12) Track 08 [MDK2 OST]
(13) Battle With Mara Aramov [Syphon Filter OST]
(14) La Mer Recomeencee (Vangelis)
(15) Poltergeist [Red Faction OST]
(Outro) Help (The Beatles)

Transmisja 10/1010

(01) Science (String Quartet / System of a Down)
(02) Main Menu [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(03) Visions [Unbreakable OST]
(04) Embassy – Discovered [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(06) Cryogenics – Suspicion [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(07) Cryogenics – Discovered [[Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(08) Bourne On Land [The Bourne Identity OST]
(10) Harbor Themes [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(11) Train – Standard [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(12) Too Good Too Bad [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(Outro) Flower (Moby)

Transmisja 11/1011

(01) Aerials (fragment) (System of a Down)
(02) Arto (Arto Tuncboyaciyan)
(03) Trains (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(04) Trains (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(05) Track 05 [MDK2 OST]
(06) Trains (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(07) Trains (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(10) You Have A Special Purpose In Life (fragment) [Island OST]
(11) You Have A Special Purpose In Life (fragment) [Island OST]
(12) Train – Discovered [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(13) Jerusalem – Standard [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(14) Expo Center Reception [Syphon Filter OST]
(15) Boost Me (fragment) (Trevor Rabin)
(16) Mulholland Drive [Mulholland Drive OST]
(17) Aerials (String Quartet / System of a Down)
(Outro) Aerials (System of a Down)

Transmisja 12/1100

(01) Countdown to Termination – Bare Island (fragment) [Mission: Impossible 2 OST]
(02) Burning Mississippi – Devoe’s Revenge [Peacemaker OST]
(03) Carlito’s Way – Chimera [Mission: Impossible 2 OST]
(04) Hunter-Seeker Algorithm – Rotorblade (Juno Reactor)
(05) Far Away From Traffic Jams – Ambrose [Mission: Impossible 2 OST]
(06) The Most Obious Place In The City – Silver (Juno Reactor)
(07) Cuckoo’s Nest, Definitely – Peacemaker (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(08) Blink Of An Eye – Track 16 [MDK2 OST]
(09) No More Mr Nice Guy – Chase (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(10) Et Dona Ferentes – Bio-Techno [Mission: Impossible 2 OST]
(11) The Kinslayer – Hotaka (Der Dritte Raum Remix) (Juno Reactor)
(12) Weapons Of Mass Destruction – The Craziest Mess I’ve Ever Seen [Island OST]
(13) Montana Loco – Chase (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(14) Private Matters – Mars (Juno Reactor)
(15) The Craziest Fucking Mess I’ve Ever Seen – Chase (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(16) Showdown – Mano A Mano [Mission: Impossible 2 OST]
(17) Not Really Worth It – Sector 6 [Island OST]
(18) Day After – Peacemaker (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(19) Nobody Gives a Shit – Peacemaker (fragment) [Peacemaker OST]
(20) 10PM – Sarajevo [Peacemaker OST]
(21) The Worse God – Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley)
(22) Chrome Respawn – Guardian Angel (Juno Reactor)

Transmisja 13/1101

(01) Divinity II (fragment) [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
(02) Nabutokani Kodainusakana [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(03) Weightlifting [Unbreakable OST]
(04) The Investigation [The Bourne Identity OST]
(05) One Hour To Go [Sin City OST]
(06) The Drive To Paris [The Bourne Identity OST]
(07) Noon [Leon OST]
(08) Factory Rescue [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(09) Goldie’s Dead [Sin City OST]
(10) Waterloo (część 1.) [The Bourne Ultimatum OST]
(11) Industrial [Carmageddon OST]
(12) Waterloo (część 2.) [The Bourne Ultimatum OST]
(13) Evacuation [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(14) The Poet Acts [The Hours OST]
(15) Petit Ouverture A Danser (Erik Satie)
(Outro) To France (Blind Guardian)

Transmisja 14/1110

(01) Marv [Sin City OST]
(02) Belgrade [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(03) Stop The Rock (fragment) (Apollo Four Forty)
(04) Hieroglyphics [Unbreakable OST]
(05) Menu Music [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(06) Camp Gibraltar [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(07) Six Weeks Ago [The Bourne Ultimatum OST]
(08) Cute Name [Leon OST]
(09) Reflection Of Elijah [Unbreakable OST]
(10) Helluvacopter Chase [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(11) Pluvius Aestetius (Pain Of Salvation)
(12) Resources [Koyaanisquatsi OST]
(13) Bury The Hatchet [Sin City OST]
(14) Special Agent Lindsey Farris [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(15) Qui Nous Demaine (Corvus Corax)
(Outro) Stop The Rock (Apollo Four Forty)

Transmisja 15/1111

(01) Old Town [Sin City OST]
(02) Higurashi No Naku Horo Ni (Eiko Shimamiya)
(03) Shootout [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(04) The Last Man [The Fountain OST]
(05) Falling Down [Unbreakable OST]
(06) Unbreakable [Unbreakable OST]
(07) Davian’s Brought In [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(08) What’s Happening Out There [Leon OST]
(09) The Hard Goodbye [Sin City OST]
(10) The Bridge Battle [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(11) Coastal [Carmageddon OST]
(12) The Big Blue Overture [The Big Blue OST]
(13) Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)
(14) Organic [Koyaanisquatsi OST]
(15) Autumn In Ganymede [Cowboy Bepop Blue OST]
(Outro) Rewrite – 4th Opening [Fullmetal Alchemist OST]

Transmisja 16/10000

(01) Undying Main Theme
(02) Out Of Bullets [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(03) Mission Impossible Theme (Lalo Schifrin)
(04) Goodnight [Unbreakable OST]
(05) Ave Satani [The Exorcist OST]
(06) Lullaby [Pan’s Labirynth OST]
(07) Rhoemer’s Base [Syphon Filter OST]
(08) Main Title – Original Slow Version [Hitman: Codename 47]
(09) ‚Humpty Dumpty Sat on Wall’ [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(10) Masking Agent [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(13) The Heist [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(14) Bare Island [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(15) Bare Island (fragment) [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(16) Southsea (www.freeplaymusic.com)
(19) Base Tower [Syphon Filter OST]
(20) Rhomer’s Stronghold [Syphon Filter OST]
(22) Mission Impossible Theme [Mission: Impossible II OST]
(23) The Wreck [Unbreakable OST]
(Outro) Paper Planes Remix (M.I.A. feat. Bun B & Rich Boy)

Transmisja 17/10001

(01) What Must Be Done [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford OST]
(02) Dead Hackers [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(03) Bird in New York [Leon OST]
(04) Ballad for Mathilda [Leon OST]
(05) Who Am I [Animatrix OST]
(06) Big Wednesday [Animatrix OST]
(08) Leaving the Apartment [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(09) Hospital Themes [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(10) Voice Capture [Mission: Impossible III OST]
(11) Don Abandons Alice [28 Weeks Later OST]
(12) Desert [Carmageddon OST]
(13) Robo vs. ED-209 [Robocop OST]
(14) Cardinal Sin [Sin City OST]
(15) At the Hairdresser’s [The Bourne Identity OST]
(16) The Spirits Within [Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within OST]
(Outro) Burning Bridges [Kelly’s Heroes OST]

Transmisja 18/10010

(01) [Quake 2 OST]
(02) Harvest Dawn (Jeremy Soule)
(03) Sonata Księżycowa (Ludwik van Beethoven)
(04) William Tell Overture (Abridged) (A Deutsche Grammophon Recording)
(05) Look Back In Anger [Oldboy OST]
(06) Lua d Inverno (Moonspell)
(07) The Puppets (Zbigniew Preisner)
(08) Track 2 [Incoming OST]
(09) Menu Music [SpecOps OST]
(10) Dark Science Facility (Black Wave Digital Music)
(11) Lunar Still (Moonspell)
(12) Awaiting (The Cracow Klezmer Band)
(13) Somebody’s Gonna Take You Out (Mark Isham)
(14) Wolę marihuanę (HappySad)
(15) Firestarter (The Prodigy)
(16) Zima (Antonio Vivaldi)
(17) Courtyard – Highway 666 (Black Wave Digital Music)
(18) Silenzio Prima Della Lotta (Toshihiko Sahashi)
(19) Deathrace 666 (Tumor)
(20) Cries And Whispers (Oldboy OST)
(21) Koniec (Lao Che)
(22) Furious Angel (Rob Dougan)
(Outro) Niech Mówią, Że To Nie Jest Miłość (Piotr Rubik)

Transmisja 19/10011

(01) Vengeance (Future World Music)
(02) Kate’s Motel [LOST Season 1 OST]
(05) Serra Pelada [Powaqquatsi OST]
(06) Tessa’s Death [The Constant Gardener OST]
(07) The Lighthouse [Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory OST]
(08) Two Things [Cowboy Bepop OST (?)]
(11) Destination DMZ [Mercenaries OST]
(12) Roadblock I [The Constant Gardener OST]
(13) Autumn In Ganymede [Cowboy Bepop OST (?)]
(14) To Germany [The Constant Gardener OST]
(15) Escape From Embassy [The Bourne Identity OST]
(17) The Apartment [The Bourne Identity OST]
(18) Proper Motivation [LOST Season 1 OST]
(Outro) Heartbeat (Red 7)

Transmisja 20/10100

(01) World’s Worst Beach Party [LOST Season 1 OST]
(02) The Masamune [Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic]
(03) Reflection of Elijah [Unbreakable OST]
(07) Resources [Koyaanisquatsi OST]
(08) Syriana [Syriana OST]
(09) Hotel Music (Early Demo) [Hitman: Codename 47 OST]
(10) Hotel Regina [The Bourne Identity OST]
(12) Dead Cities Pt2 [S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OST]
(13) Contamination [The Thing OST]
(14) At Night [Birdy OST]
(17) One Hour To Go [Sin City OST]
(Outro) Don’t Lose Your Heart (Queen)

Transmisja 21/10101

(01) A Life Without Parole [Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream]
(02) Seattle – Tarsus Apartments [Deus Ex II OST]
(03) Aerith’s Theme [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
(05) Seattle – City Hub & Emerald Studies [Deus Ex II OST]
(06) Alien vs. Predator Requiem [Alien vs. Predator II OST]
(07) L’Attaque Des Anges [Rebuild of Evangelion OST]
(08) Decimation Proclamation [Alien vs. Predator II OST]
(09) Taxi Ride [The Bourne Identity OST]
(10) Sephiroth’s Wake [Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream]
(11) Entrada [Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within OST]
(12) Jerusalem – Suspicion & Discovery [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow OST]
(13) SWAT Team [Hitman: Contracts OST]
(14) Ruthless [Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory OST]
(15) Hong Kong Underground [Hitman: Contracts OST]
(16) Allied Nations [Mercenaries OST]
(18) Sidi Power Plant [Battlefield 2142 OST]

Transmisja 22/10110

(01) Sober (Tool)
(02) Black Water [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
(03) Les Betes [Rebuild of the Evangelion OST]
(04) Duel of the Fate [Star Wars: The Phantom Menace OST]
(05) Black-Wing Metamorphosis [Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream]
(06) Invisible War Title Theme [Deus Ex II OST]
(09) Pluvius Aestiuus (Pain of Salvation)
(10) Seattle – Maku Ballistic Interior [Deus Ex II OST]
(13) Cairo – Apostlecorp Lab [Deus Ex II OST]
(14) Dicholo (Ayub Ogadada) [The Constant Gardener OST]
(15) Opening Titles [Alien vs. Predator II OST]
(17) Traffic Jam [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(18) It’s a Fire Sale [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(20) Jason Phones It In [The Bourne Identity OST]
(21) Song for Jesse [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford OST]
(Outro) Tsuki No Mayu (Yoko Kanno)

Transmisja 23/10111

(01) Requiem Prologue [Alien vs. Predator II OST]
(02) Seattle – Lower Seattle & Heron’s Loft [Deus Ex II OST]
(03) Cairo – Mosque [Deus Ex II OST]
(04) At The Farmhouse [The Bourne Identity OST]
(05) Suez Canal [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(06) Cerbere Landing [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(07) Trier – Streets & Black Cate [Deus Ex II OST]
(08) The Break-in [Die Hard 4.0 OST]
(09) Madhouse Mayhem [Black OST]
(10) Deck of S2 [Mercenaries OST]
(11) Mercenary Without a Cause [Mercenaries OST]
(12) Tea House [Matrix: Reloaded OST]
(13) S.A.D. [S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OST]
(14) Theme From Battery [Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory OST]
(15) Burly Brawl [Matrix: Reloaded OST]
(16) L’Orchestre Noire (Omnicore)
(17) Storm (Vanessa Mae)
(18) Battle In The Forgotten City [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
(19) Materia [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
(20) Neodammerung [Matrix: Revolutions OST]
(21) Verdun [Battlefield 2142 OST]
(22) Finish It [The Fountain OST]
(23) Ask DNA [Cowboy Bepop OST]
(24) Coelocanth [Manhunter OST]
(25) Destination DMZ (Mercenaries OST]
(Outro) Hurt (Johnny Cash)

Transmisja 24/11000

(01) The Poet Acts [Hours OST]
(02) Music For Dialogues [Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within OST]
(03) Airfield [Deus Ex OST]
(04) Trier – Templar Compound [Deus Ex II OST]
(05) Stay With Me [The Fountain OST]
(06) Zeus Cannon [Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within OST]
(07) Driving In Geneva [Syriana OST]
(08) Theme From Cavafy (Vangelis)
(09) Resources [Koyaanisquatsi OST]
(10) Death Is A Road To Awe, Pt. 1 [The Fountain OST]
(11) Electricity [Syriana OST]
(12) Tree Of Life [The Fountain OST]
(13) Holy Dread [The Fountain OST]
(14) Navras [Matrix: Revolutions OST]
(15) Death Is A Road To Awe, Pt. 2 [The Fountain OST]
(16) Trinity Definitely [Matrix: Revolutions OST]
(17) Tikal (E.S. Posthumus)
(18) Harappa (E.S. Posthumus)
(19) Six Gnosiennes #1 (Erik Satie)
(20) Dies Martis (Transmercury) (Tangerine Dream)
(21) (Outro 1A) Equilibrium Suite [Equilibrium OST]
(22) (Outro 1B) God Is God (Juno Reactor)
(23) (Outro 2A) Main Theme from Rain Man (Hans Zimmer)
(24) (Outro 2B) Spirit Of The Universe [Matrix: Revolutions OST]